Kumanday Coffee
we breathe quality

At Kumanday we are committed to high quality standards at each step of the process, At our quality assurance labs, we have state-of-the-art equipment used to control all our processes and to ensure that we provide the highest quality product.


Each coffee bean is roasted according to customer´s desired profile.


The grinding type depends on the brewing method for a good extraction


To ensure that our customers always receive excellent
Kumanday Coffee , all our coffee is roasted only on request.


Similarly we are careful packaging using laminated triple layer bags with degassing valve that allows the output of carbon dioxide and prevents air from entering the bag preventing the coffee rust.


For me coffee Kumanday has excellent attributes. Among them
stand out a brigth acidity, a chocolate flavor and smell and the way
it articulates an extraordinary cup.

Nicolás Anzellini
White Whale Group
Denver, Colorado

The Kumanday coffee is one of the best I´ve tasted, body, sweet taste; the freshness of roasting gives a great added value.

Sergio Rendón
Osaka, Japan